Bolt from the Blue, for flute and tape, is an exploration of the opposition of buoyancy and submersion. Electronically manipulated flute and violin noise make up the tape part, creating a swirling texture which sweeps the listener along, then suddenly the bottom drops out and the listener is taken to a completely new sound world. The tape swirls and plunges while the flute floats in and out of the texture that is created. The piece was completed in December 2014. It was premiered in Manhattan School of Music's Greenfield Hall on February 21, 2015

starfish is an electronic work which uses found sound and voice. The vocal material tells a story of an old man and a boy walking along the beach after a storm. There have been thousands of starfish washed up. The man walks along throwing them back into the ocean. 

This work may be performed as is or as accompaniment to sound improvisation. Written and premiered in 2016.

This electronic piece consists of field recordings taken throughout a typical day in my life. written in 2015.